Railroad Roundhouse Pictures Untitled Page
3 stall ORH 012
3 stall ORH 023
10 stall pre fit
14 SRH update 024
clear roof
heat pipes 001
June 4 ORH 017
New brick front extension
ORH close corner
ORH front cose up
ORH front
ORH6-15#2 011
Road bed to base
turntable to track
L-131 007
Altoona Model Works
             UP type Round House
O scale  3 stall kit     $385.00  add a stall $75.00, add extension $25.00
                                   Now shipping 2-3 month lead time. All kits custom assembled to
                                   your order.
S scale Kit no longer available.       Call for pre-built quote.
HO scale 3 stall & up kits  SOON                                     2017

These Kits will be made for only a limited time so get on board if want one of
these Great Structures on your Layout.
Altoona  Model  Works, Martinsburg, Pennsylvania. 814.793.7016
The prototype of this model is found in Marysville KS. Originally built in 1917 and was revised a few times with additional stalls and extensions in front for longer engines. With this in mind the kit will be made available as a custom kit. The base kit starts as a 3 stall round house. You then order number of add on stalls and wood extended fronts if required to configure the building. I will  then quote you the price and send drawings of the foot print.
The base is CNC cut from MDF with pits and slots cut for rail to set in. The brick walls high quality cast urethane, backs planned smooth and flat.  The cast walls edges then mitered and hand fit to CNC base, every kit. Windows, doors, fronts laser cut wood. The roof laser cut styrene, all laser work precisely done. The interior is built from basswood supplied, also includes Smoke Jacks Hinges for Doors and texture roof powder.  A detailed manual with many pictures and templates for assembly. 
This is hands down the finest quality Round House kit built. All work is carefully fitted and made
with quality first in mind. The attention to detail and customer support is unmatched. All parts
carefully packaged and labeled.
New options now available:
                                            * Interior Lighting
                                            * Steam heating Pipes
                                            * Side Ladder (etch brass kit)
                                            * Rear Wall extension to make stall 35" long.
                                            * New Brick extension wall w/window for front.
                                            * Scribed Wood Floors
                                            * Painting and weathering side walls
                                            * Custom Building Service Available.
Please contact us for foot print required & quote for Round House by phone or E-mail.

Click on pictures for larger view
Urethane Cast UP type smoke jacks
Opitional 6" wood extensions in front
Engineered base to fit track and road height. 2 or 3 rail.
Roundhouse and turntable designed for prefect fit
Optional Clear roof sections
and Scribed wood floor.
All kit walls are test fitted
to base before packaging.
Doors open & close
Large round houses 10 stalls and
more will have split firewalls.
First 12 stall O scale nearly
complete on my layout.
Optional Interior Heating Pipes
Assembled and painted ready
to install. Pipe it up to our
great Boiler House.
Heating Piping available for side
wall and rear wall.
14 Stall built for client, new rear
wall extension so your BigBoy
will fit.
New Front brick extension &
Brass side wall ladder